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Introducing!  An easy and effective way to take advantage of current US population trend changes to increase your bottom line dramatically!


According to the U.S. Census, the Hispanic population in the United States increased 58 percent over the last decade.  Let’s face it; Hispanics are the fastest growing minority in the U.S.

Well, you could mope and complain about this inevitable trend, or you could (as a clever business person) profit from this.  It’s really up to you.

 It can be another way...

If you have any dealings at all with people whose first language is Spanish, and you don’t have your sales materials, contracts, manuals, and other commercial documents translated into Spanish, you are losing money, and will continue to lose money unless you do something about it NOW.

You could say, “NO.  This is America.  Let them learn English.”  And you’d be absolutely right.  But you’d also be turning down business.  You’d be turning down money, and THAT’S absolutely un-American!

On the other hand, when you provide commercial documents in Spanish, you open up a whole new dimension to your business.  You’re attracting an ever-increasing market.

What's more, as a matter of upbringing, Hispanics are very people-centered.  They are the best word-of-mouth advertisers you could ever wish for.  And when you sell to one, and you provide them with excellent service at a reasonable price, they tell their friends and family that YOU provide information, brochures, contracts, etc. in Spanish!

And you can clearly see where that leads.

In addition, when you provide materials in a person's first language, in essence you are saying, "I appreciate your business, and I care that you feel comfortable doing business with us."

If you don't believe me, let's reverse the tables for a moment.  Imagine that you went to Japan, for example (for business, pleasure, or what have you), and you don't speak Japanese.

You found a merchant or company that provides service in English.  Their documents are in English.  You can read and compare their prices.

Even if you spoke Japanese fluently, you'd appreciate that they went through the "trouble" of translating their information for you, and you'd probably give them your patronage.  And you'd probably tell other native English speakers in your community, wouldn't you?

The company has created goodwill and earned your business.  Consciously or not, you want to return the favor somehow.  You've found a company that appreciates you as a customer.

Doesn't that feel good?  A company that cares!

And that company that cares could be YOUR company.


It's so easy, you'd wonder why you didn't think of it before...

When your sales materials are in Spanish, you will be reaping the benefits of marketing to:

People who speak mainly Spanish;

People who also speak English, but feel a lot more comfortable having their decision-making information in their native language; and

People whose good will you have earned because you CARED ENOUGH to provide information in Spanish.

And you CAN have this, if you call me now.

I’m Cesar Vargas, and I work with the Santa Ana Unified School District as –you guessed it!– the School District Translator & Interpreter.

But I don’t think you really care who I am, as much as you want to know what I can do for you and your business.

Well, I decided to help out nearby school districts and local businesses to provide an added service, and to build the rapport with their customers that their competition is missing (for now).

These organizations and businesses are now able to serve their customers better, knowing that the materials they have worked so hard to fine-tune and perfect in English are presented at the same caliber in Spanish, and with the same punch!

Now it’s your turn.  But you must hurry!

I am still working with the School District, and because I perform or closely supervise all the translations myself, I can only help two or three businesses at a time to enter this profitable and growing Hispanic market.

But don't be fooled!  A decent translation can be whipped out in no time.  A GREAT translation, however, takes some time.  Time to find and select just the right words that will attract your customers and keep them coming back again and again.  The right words that will cause your current customers to tell others about your particular offering.

I pride myself on providing my clients nothing but excellent, reliable, and professional service —so I can only accommodate two or three projects at one time.

If you call after I've booked a reasonable workload, I'll still help you, but you'll have to be placed on my waiting list.

Call me now at (714) 558-5636 or email me, so we can talk about your projects and your particular needs!

Of course, there is no obligation, and the consultation is free!

Thank you,


Professional Translator


PS – Don’t make the mistakes others have made, and hire someone to translate your copy who won’t do a professional job.  If you have bad Spanish copy, instead of getting close to your Hispanic customers’ heart, you’ll create the opposite effect and repel them!

PPS – I can also check out the materials you’re currently using and let you know how they present your message and your company's image to your target audience -the Hispanic market.

PPPS– Click here for an amusing and sobering sample of reasons why you must hire a professional translator, even for the seemingly simplest of jobs.


A professional translator can...

  • analyze your current materials and determine whether they are fulfilling their requirements as powerful communication tools;
  • give you translated documents that read as originals, and not as convoluted and murky sentences;
  • adapt your materials to the culture and habits of the intended audience without changing the essence of your message or the image of your company.


With me, you get...

Bi-Cultural Capabilities

My experience growing up, and working at the School District have allowed me to be not only bilingual, but also bi-cultural, which means I understand the wants, needs, and desires of the Hispanic market, and how to present your particular product or service to satisfy those needs.

Native Spanish Speaker

It makes a tremendous difference in the presentation of your product or service to have someone who understands the nuances of the language.  For example, understanding and explaining the difference between being 'efficient' and being 'effective' in delivering a service.

Educated in the USA

I have a B.S. in Business Administration, a B.A. in Behavioral Science, and a Master's Degree in Education.  So you could say I am able to Educate your customers' Behavior about your Business! both English and Spanish!

Satisfied Clients

I have had the pleasure and the privilege of maintaining a working relationship with these fine establishments:


Abrazar, Inc.

As part of the Westminster Family Resource Center, Abrazar, Inc. provides community services to families, children, adults, and the elderly, as well as English as a Second Language for Adults.

City of Seaside

The City of Seaside knows who some of their clientele are, and are foretelling enough to know how to serve them right!

ClearVision Technologies

The creators of the electronic report card.  Now the teachers can, at the click of a button, give Spanish-speaking parents a report card and student progress and attitude comments in their own language.

Estancia High School

They are now able to offer their Spanish-speaking parents a Parent-Student Handbook in the parents' native language.

J.C. Carter, Inc.

When J. C. Carter wanted to evaluate a business opportunity from Spain, they turned to Cesar Vargas for language-specific expertise.

National Neighborhood Watch Institute

Now the Spanish-speaking community can enjoy the benefits of the Institute's ample experience in crime fighting and home safety.

Perris Elementary School District

The Spanish-speaking parents in this District are now able to understand what is expected of their children, and are able to help them at home so they can be successful in school and in life.

Royce Multimedia, Inc.

When they needed a translator and voice-over artist for a pedestrian safety video production for the University of California, Irvine, Ed Royce did not hesitate to call on Cesar Vargas.

Your Company is Next

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