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(Si leiste Mercadotecnia Espiritual, oprime aquĆ­.)


Who else wants to easily and effortlessly capture more of the customers you reach, with proven copywriting secrets?


OK. You've now attracted some customers to your website, or you've reached them through the mail... now, how do you get them to open up their wallets? (short of sticking a gun to their face...)

You've come to the right place...

Mr. Copywriting is here to help you promote your business —both on- and off-line— with innovative ideas and copy that is specifically tailored to

  • your specific situation;
  • your product and service offering;
  • and your prospect base.

Go ahead and browse around, and explore the unlimited possibilities to dramatically enhance your bottom line with our services... then email me so we can get you making some serious money!

Click here for Translation Services and find your effective bridge to the Spanish-speaking world!  Open up a new market, and expand your present customer base!

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Thanks for stopping by.  I'm always ready to help you explode your small business into a profitable enterprise through proven copywriting and Outrageous Marketing techniques!

Here, you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to promote your business and propel it to the next level.  I owe a great deal to my mentors and teachers I've had over the years, from whom I've learned so much and whom I continue observing.  Click here to find out more about them.

You can also go to this link now, and see how I can help you turn browsers into BUYER$!

If you have clients who are Spanish speakers (or would like to have them, and increase your sales dramatically), click here!

Or just drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.

See you soon!

Best of success,


PS -- They say that the glory doesn't go to the smartest or the most powerful, but to the swift.  Contact me now!

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